Twin Brother

Often it’s difficult to write about music that you love, obviously here at HMCMB we love all of the music we write about, but, naturally, our personal preferences dictate that we shall love some more than others. And that’s no bad thing. That’s where I found myself in such a difficult position, with an act that ticks as many boxes for me as Twin Brother does, it becomes increasingly difficult to write about them. Whether it’s because I felt under pressure to write something that would do them justice, or because I just didn’t know what to say, it was a article I tended to avoid. I just hope that in doing my best to express how impressed I am by this band, you will make a point of trying to see where I’m coming from. And if you can’t? Then there are plenty more acts within our pages that might be more suited to your tastes, I just know few do it more so for me than Twin Brother.

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Alex Wells, the same guy that produced Rizzle Kicks’ first LP length outing ‘Minor Breaches of Self Discipline’. He is however accompanied by a live band for gigs, even if he can play all the instruments himself, it may be a challenge too far to do so simultaneously. With a full length album out last year, ‘Actors & Liars’, claiming a spot on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury this year and championed by local radio station Juice FM, Twin Brother aren’t hanging around.

Self-classified as ‘Art Rock’, a genre that sits somewhere in the spectrum between Blues and Alternative, with a healthy dosage of contemplation and atmosphere providing it’s artistic persuasion. A rather fitting title upon reflection, with their emotive, whilst calculated approach, drenched in the musicality and emotion they imbue. There’s still a reluctance to curb their enthusiasm throughout though, with timely howls and crescendos scattered throughout giving a welcome energy to their sombre tone.

Lungs is the most instantly recognisable, frantic clapping, overdriven guitar riffs and the full force of Alex’s powerful vocals help the song race through. ‘Backseat Routine’ hits a more personal note. The introspective lyricism laid bare against the backdrop of ambient whistling guitars. ‘The Actor’ is again a more contemplative affair, a lonely ballad played out through gorgeously minimal guitar and percussion accompaniment. A tale of forlorn that builds to a cathartic upheaval of sorts that lingers just long enough to keep you wishing for another chorus. One that never comes.

And that’s one of the interesting things about Twin Brother, contained within the atmosphere lies a breadth of diversification and awareness of the listener. Instruments, song structure and pace are all toyed with, keeping emotions running high through the tracks. The deep resonance of Alex’s vocals, and subsequent maturity and depth tying the various elements of each track together. With a bow.

It is a testament to Twin Brother’s musicality that a breadth of instruments and synth can be used so cohesively, there are so many nuances and subtleties that find a way out through multiple listens. That is the essence of Twin Brother’s magic though, there is so much to be cherished and invested in, but also an endearing quality that quickly attracts their listeners. I think you’ll agree that’s a very powerful combination.

Expect us to be following the progress of Twin Brother very closely in the coming months.

Twin Brother – Lungs [right-click to download]

Twin Brother – The Actor [right-click to download]

Twin Brother – Backseat Routine [right-click to download]