The Districts

Some sort of folky, classic almost un-genreable madness coming to you today. With the tracks we’ve been sent sounding like the in-between of a demo and full release we’ve been rather enamoured by ‘The Districts’.

Their tracks that we’ve been lucky enough to hear make good of the age old formula of guitar, nice voice, rinse and repeat. But there’s some string accompaniment nestled in their too. Classy.

Seriously though, the first track we came to hear, ‘Radiator’, with its relaxed yet downtrodden feel, and massively personable vocals instantly grabbed us. Their musical claws well and truly dug in after we hard what they truly had to offer on their more professional outing, albeit with a far less professional (but no less enjoyable) intro.  On “From Now” strings, come forth out of the woodwork, naturally accompanying the beautiful acoustic guitar and inflection tinged vocals. The song is astoundingly well put together for  group quite happy to include a mistake in their intro. Or maybe that’s just the inclusion of strings. I’m a sucker for strings. I think part of what grabbed me so much though about these musical outings, of which I may not have done justice is that there is certainly an amount of passion there, as you often find with folk musings, that makes it all the more listenable. Evidence that you don’t need to do something crazy and new to be exceptional. Just ‘mean it’.

Make sure you check them out below, and if you want to hear more, head over to their Facebook

The Districts – Radiator [right-click to download

From Now – The Districts [right-click to download]