Hailing from London, Get People create the kind of tropical electro that bands have been trying to perfect since the word tropical became synonymous with alternative electro and tie dye.

Their “Rain Tears” EP is the most accomplished outing so far. It’s also a slightly different direction to the 80s enthused synths that saw them served up as a slightly camp Fenech Soler. Big changes came though with ‘Rain Tears’. As a whole, it’s a maturer product, everything feels as tight and polished as it should for an act that caught hold of the buzz quite how they did.

The lead single makes painfully clear quite the music they want to create, big tropical drums and a beat that is just as likely to get a cobra dancing as it is a hipster. Vocals are utilised to a much larger extent, dipping in and out of the bleeps and bloops. It shows there’s quite a bit of talent behind these guys, pushing the song in a far less shallow direction.

Whilst the EP is pretty strong, tracks Colour and Lonely Game offering up more and more tropical dance and overalyed juxtaposed forlorn vocals, it’s with their track ‘Away’ that Get People have found a sound they excel in. From it’s positioning on the EP however, it seems that it may not be the direction they wish to head in. Dropping all but the slightest tinges of the tropics that have brought them so much early success, instead they head in an altogether more ‘Tears for Fears’ direction, large swooping beats and powerful vocals providing that comparison. The track builds and builds, and in doing so removes them from a genre that has nurtured their success, but may well be holding them back simultaneously. If they were to keep following this path, it could mean big things for these guys. And who knows, with 5 times more plays than any other track on their SoundCloud, current count being approximately 61,000, they’d be silly not to.

Be sure to catch these guys live if you can, they’ve just come back from the  Burning Man festival in the US. If they can remove themselves from the psychedelia that they would have been embraced by, they should be heading back on tour very soon. We caught them down in Brighton and were definitely not disappointed. African drums, ankle length chinos and more MacBooks than seems reasonable. Didn’t stop them going mad though. Brilliant.

GET PEOPLE  –  Rain Tears

GET PEOPLE  –  Away (click the arrow to download)

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