HMCMB Sessions :: Gaoler’s Daughter

Today saw the release of our final session with  Gaoler’s Daughter, a london-based four piece who you can find out more about via their facebook page HERE.

The filming of these sessions proved to be one of our more stressful experiences… Once we met the guys things flowed very quickly and smoothly, it was just the getting there that proved challenging. The band were due to play at Proud that evening and we were meeting them before hand and hence had allowed plenty of time for travel, filming etc. Or at least we though we had, until a “tresspasser” on the tracks turned our usual hour and half journey to London into a near on 4 hour epic. We got there though and eventually tracked the guys down, albeit after some canal based confusion. We were then able to get filming and it was good to see the band dynamic change for each track, opening up with a 3 piece rendition of their superb single “St Peter” and finishing with a solo effort in the form of “Seventh Wave”. We hope you enjoy the videos below as much as we did and if so don’t forget to subscribe @ to ensure you don’t miss any of Sessions September.