HMCMB Sessions :: Vintage Trouble

You may or may not have noticed that over the last 3 days we’ve been releasing some videos of the brilliant Vintage Trouble from their newly re-released album ‘The Bomb Shelter Sessions’, 3 of their singles to be exact with ‘Blues Hand Me Down’, ‘Nancy Lee’ and ‘Nobody Told Me’. They also happen to be our first foray into the arty world of Black & White videography. We’d love to know what you think about B&W so feel free to comment/criticise/compliment in the comment section!

These were filmed in our hometown Brighton, the Prince Albert pub specifically that for some locals you may know to be a fairly prestigious venue. Banksy art and a John Peel mural paying testament to that. Inside autographs and photos of other greats that’ve played here show that these guys know what they’re talking about.

Inside we met Vintage Trouble + retinue, what followed was a technological nightmare based mainly around installing the new Lion OS for Mac that just wasn’t compatible with any kit. Note to self: Check these things so you don’t look like a total amateur.

After some bodging we managed to get it working and VT did not disappoint, true blues showmen with hollers, yelp dancing and drum stick flipping ensued, which made for some of our favourite videos so far. They seemed a pretty close knit and slick act, probably the result of 3 months of non stop international touring with likes of Bon Jovi. Yeah they’re going places.

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