Pumped Up Kicks…

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People is a track that’s been flitting around in my iTunes, gradually accumulating a heap of plays since April last year. Back then it was a free download on their then mysterious and minimalist website. All there was on the website was a box to enter your email address to get sent the song. Somehow, the song didn’t come through so I emailed the band personally and received a reply and attachment from lead singer Mark Foster.

This blog got set up shortly after, really a reflection of my increased interest in music. Foster The People were one of the first bands I posted on back HERE. Since then we’ve followed their progress, particularly through the haze pop/chill wave/surf pop trend of last year and had Pumped Up Kicks as one of our Songs of 2010 (HERE). We witnessed them become one of the most blogged about songs ever on hypem with over 150 at last count. They took the blog world by storm. As did the hundreds of remixes put out by avid fans and producers.

Jump forward to the present day and Foster The People are still in the Hype Machine charts, but more importantly they’ve released a massively successful (if slightly overrated) debut album, played international festivals and sold out gigs all over the world and had their tracks plastered all over the television in multiple adverts. It even ratcheted up enough fame to need banning in Norway due to the recent Oslo tragedies.

As much as I loved the song back then, and am happy to see the success of one of the first bands we posted on, the track grates a bit now. Now that’s no ones fault but my own, and if I’d heard it recently it would never be a problem, either way, hearing these welcome reinterpretations of the track have, for me, shown quite how great the track is.

First up is the sampled version by YONAS. Plenty of guys have tried their hand at sampling Pumped Up Kicks but none have aced it quite like YONAS. There’s a whole new beat there that he sticks to with incremental precision. His flow’s been perfectly altered for matching the track. To quote him, he really has ‘taken a song from Foster The People and fostered it into YONAS’ anthem’. Indeed.

Next up is a cover from Cris Cab who’s been lighting up the blogosphere with his reggae pop. It’s sure to go down a storm and he’s already been massively successful on YouTube with his covers of Wiz Khalifa’s B&Y and Kanye’s AOTL. He’s got his own EP out too called Foreword that’s definitely worth checking out. His own offbeat slant on Foster The People’s track , full of brass distortion and reggae rhythms really sets this apart as one of his finest covers to date. This could be a hit in its own right. Expect big things from Mr Cab.

That’s it for now, if you too are sick of the track then enjoy these versions, if you’re not? Check out our original article on it HERE, take it in, appreciate it, grow sick of it, then come on back and try these out for size. For us though, it’s off to go and find 2012’s ‘Next Big Thing’…

YONAS – Pumped Up Kicks (Remix) [right-click to download]

Cris Cab – Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People Cover) [right-click to download]