HMCMB Sessions :: Young Rebel Set

More HMCMB sessions for you today, feels like it’s getting to the point where we should leave out this opening introduction and just dive right in, so we will… Right after you’ve subscribed to HMCMB Sessions over @

We met Young Rebel Set, or more specifically Matty Chipchase, the lead singer, outside Water Rats up in London Town. On this occasion the commute to London couldn’t have gone any better, with all of us arriving from different start points at exactly the same time, we almost walked into each other! Then again given the number of times we’ve had “a trespasser on the tracks” we probably deserved a smooth journey.

Unfortunately due to building works in the venue and the fact it was raining outside we were forced to head to the tour bus to film. It was a pretty tight squeeze requring a bit of improvisation with mic placement etc, namely said mics hanging of seats and Tom, the camera man, straddling a table. It may not have been pretty, but it sure was effective, although credit for that probably has to go to Matty. He performed 3 songs for us, the bands single “If I Was” followed by “Red Bricks” before finishing with a track of his own “Penny To My Name”. Check the videos out below and if you enjoy them be sure to subscribe @ to ensure you’re kept up to date with all future sessions.