HMCMB Sessions :: Krakatoa

We met Krakatoa, or 3/5ths of them at least, at Waterloo station. We had been in London that morning filming another set of acoustic sessions with Buildings, they’ll be released in the coming days. The weather that morning had left rather a lot to be desired, but by the time the afernoon came around the clouds had cleared and glorious sunshine was the order of the afternoon.

We headed for a walk along Southbank, which was packed with tourists and street perfomers and sellers.  One of whom, a man dressed as a giant subway, took a fair bit of stick from Darien which kept us entertained. We decided to cross the Thames to find a quieter location and upon doing so stumbled across a very picturesque park. We spotted a gnarled, weeping willow that was having to be supported by stakes to just keep it up, so we thought we’d have Josh sit on it. With the sun just beginning to set through the upper bows of the tree we couldn’t really have asked for a better location nor indeed lighting. After filming 3 tracks, which involved everything from a harmonica to a melodica, we were approached by some fairly officious looking individuals who started harping on about licenses… Best leave it there then/after you’ve subscribed to HMCMB Sessions on YouTube: