Radical Something

Ladies, gents and music lovers, today we bring you Radical Something. Radical Something are rapper Loggy, singer Josh Cocktail and DJ Big Red. A super group, kind of.

Ever since we saw them dropping an acoustic version of ‘Come With Me’, we’ve been hooked, with Josh Cocktail providing the hooks, Loggy providing the welcome rapping and guitar and DJ Big Red the beats, they’re throwing around some pretty awesome potential.

Their debut album/Mixtape (no really, we aren’t sure quite what it is), We Are Nothing brings the sun tinged, relaxed and feel good hip hop come surf pop we’ve come to love.

The link for their debut is below, it’s a corker and well worth checking out. Some of our favourites are ‘Be Easy Ft Kinetics’, Kinetics verse contributes nicely, as does the acoustic riffs, they’re littered throughout the album, but that doesn’t make hearing rap over guitar any less wonderful. Again, more acoustic guitar/rap combo in ‘California’ and the aforementioned ‘Come With Me’, though the whiney effect at the end of Josh’s hooks does grate a little. There’s something a little different about ‘Give Me A Sign’ that makes it another favourite, followed by the track that’s, understandably, garnered them the most respect so far, ‘Long Hair Don’t Care’ . A track they supposedly came up with after a night in an out of bounds swimming pool, followed by a police chase. Very cool.

You’re bound to hear some more about these guys soon enough, they’ve got lots of friends in the blog world, what with Loggy’s success as a rapper, as well as the numerous links they’ve already established. Heck, their booking agent works for the (oh-so manly) BroBible! And if it’s got their ‘bro rap’ seal of approval. Then it’s got ours. Check out some of our favourites below, and if you like what you hear, support ’em on Facebook and grab their album download HERE

Come With Me – Radical Something [right-click to download]

Long Hair Don’t Care – Radical Something [right-click to download]

Come With Me – Radical Something [right-click to download]