Something For The Weekend – Sam Frank


So, the seasonal shift plus a lot of Red Stripe has lead this post to be a little late.. Woops.

Anyways, let’s give you guys a little treat, you know what they say, better late than never, no?

This free download from Sam Frank is one to suit the current heat wave. It’s a typically auto-tuned lyrical song from the man you’ve heard featured on many of Skream’s biggest tracks. He does, unlike many, admit that he embraces voice enhancing technology, and with him it really does work! Even if the weather does take a turn for the worst, it will still remind you of days gone by.

On a slight side note, it’s proved impossible to find any sort of picture of Sam Frank, does anyone actually know what this man looks like?! So for header image we’ve instead opted for Rinse FMs 17th Birthday banner, the show’s at Brixton Academy on the 8th of October and Frank is featuring, not a tenous link at all that…

Check it, and download!

Sam Frank – My Number One (Right Click To Download)

Peace Out,