HMCMB :: Buildings

It was early one morning. 5 hours sleep. A messy night’s repurcussions making themselves known. The last thing I wanted to do was head to London on the train before 8:30am to roam around in the rain lugging filming gear behind me. A sentiment only added to by being severely ‘ill’ outside a Shoreham taxi rank.

Lucky then that upon arrival to Waterloo station from Victoria and met the guys from Buildings that it was all made worthwhile. Being the gents they are they’d even already done some scouting around. Good job too, as I certainly didn’t feel like walking around much. Off to Southbank we went, preparing to do a little guerrilla gig in some of the beach huts that were part of an ‘art exhibition’. Obviously.

The weather perked up though, as did how I felt, we also managed to get a go ahead from the exhibition manager so we could relax and take our time and subsequently  managed to record some great sessions. There was enough of a crowd behind us at points it was difficult to get out of the hut. Brilliant. We also managed to fit in a pint and little chat about the music industry as of late, cynicism galore, before we headed off for some other commitments. All in all a pretty great hangover cure. Check out the sessions below, then be sure to check out Buildings on Facebook. Oh, and subscribe to us on Youtube. Obviously.


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