September Sessions :: A Summary

So you may well have noticed the September Sessions that were running all the way through, well, last month! Alas along with the turn of the month, the sessions are brought to a close for the time being. They were a new diversification for us at HMCMB, one with a steeper learning curve than anything else we’ve done before. It’s also a diversification that has allowed us to meet some great people, learn some new skills and generally become that much more immersed in the music we love. It’s not been without errors though, plenty of misplaced batteries, unhelpful software fiascos and unprecedented hangovers have been scattered throughout the sessions. But then again, there’s also been some highlights that’ve kept us enthralled and made us strive to improve and continue. There’s something about watching and sharing music in its rawest form that we’ve found so captivating, and strikes a chord with our aim to promote great new music. We’d love to share with you some of our favourite sessions from September. We’ve enjoyed the new challenges and experiences they brought with them, and can assure you the best is yet to come. Watch this space. Which, by the way,  is made a whole lot easier if you subscribe @

Plugging over, scroll down and enjoy some of our favourites.


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