Beaty Heart

It seems things are turning a bit chilly. I’m sure you are all cosying up to the fire with a good book, a hot drink and your favourite album. But if you fancy washing away those autumnal grays and blues with something a little different, listen to Beaty Heart.

Submerging yourself in their latest EP Slush Puppy/Cola is menagerie of colourful synthy sounds, wrapped up with some lilting vocals. Imagine a slightly more dreamy Vampire Weekend with an injection of Friendly Fires style tropical funk. Although also reminiscent of Animal Collective, we shouldn’t become too preoccupied with heavy comparisons because these boys certainly have something original about them. The four piece hailing from Goldsmiths in London don’t just create some seriously surreal sound effects. They design their own abstract cover sleeves and the Slush Puppy video reflects the wonderfully trippy madness of the song.

Describing themselves as  “psychedelic drum pop”, the atmospheric record does not disappoint. A great beat and xylophonic rhythms texture the crazy muffle of tribal shakers and yelping in the right places. Break the autumnal night with colour and slurp up Slush Puppy/Cola October 24th on Worry Free Records..

Sweet stuff!