Life In Film Interview

In between trying (read failing) to seek out the latest and greatest acts around the world, no small feat, and one we probably can’t even pretend to be achieving, and amidst the new gig reviews and acoustic sessions we’ve been trying our hand(s) at, we found just about enough time to have a chat with Life In Film and get a brief insight into their little world. Harking back to 2009, Life In Film pretty much ruled my iPod. A Nano to be exact. Ever since, their cheerful indie bop sound has reminded me of cold winter mornings and hot chocolate. It’d be interesting whether anyone else has felt the same thing, or whether the chimes and harmonies of ‘Get Closer’  was actually fused with my consciousness during my perilous trips down icy lanes at sub degree temperatures for my paper round. Either way, they’ve kept a solid place in my top 25 most played, and it seems other people are appreciating them just as much.

Life In Film are in the midst of recording an album, and have a single out, ‘The Idiot’ November 14th, check out the video below the interview, then dive down further to check out some more of their stuff. And whilst scrolling, you may be interested to see what they’ve got to say. Then again you might not, but we really hope you do.

Hi guys,

So you’re heading off on tour with the Rifles, looking forward to it? Any venues or locales in particular?  

We are really looking forward to it yes! The Rifles are great guys and good friends of ours plus its our very first tour so its gonna be pretty wild!

It’s been a long time coming, but thankfully due to your Facebook updates it sounds like you’re now well on the way with the album, what can we expect from you guys?

Well as you probably know we have been recording with Stephen Street and he has been amazing! the songs are sounding pretty perfect and there will be alot of suprises so listen out!

Have you had much help with the creation of the album, or has it been a largely solo effort?

We have created the whole album ourselves, 4 boys grafting hard for a long time and hopefully this will come across in the music.

So your single ‘The Idiot’ is set for a release November 14th. How are you guys celebrating the release?

I’m sure we will celebrate in some fashion but we most proberly will have our heads down working on new material whilst having a few beers.

Have you found the process of creating your album merely compiling a stock of songs you’ve had waiting, or have you been as busy writing as you have recording?

Some of the songs like ‘Alleyway’ and ‘Sorry’ have been around for a while but in whole alot of the songs are quite new, wait and find out :).

On the subject of Facebook, how important do you find fan interaction?

Fan interaction for me is very very important, I always get in contact with fans, answering questions even wishing them happy birthday when i get a status reminder! when i ever sent bands messages and didnt get a reply i didnt really think too much about it but when i ever did get a reply it really made my day and felt that I was a part of something. Fans mean everything to us.

Is having a loyal audience important do you think? Or would you rather reach as many ears as possible?

A loyal audience is what you want! But you want that audience to keep growing and growing so the answer is ‘a lot of both’!

Do you have any advice for acts playing acoustic sessions?

Practice a lot on harmoneys and parts, I have been caught out a few times eg deciding to play a glockenspiel at the last minute.
Don’t do it drunk…

On a more musical note (sorry).. Who can you cite as your inspirations?

mmmmm… Bowie, Blur, Smiths, Stones, Beatles, Beach Boys, Motown, Northern Soul, Notorious B.I.G, NWA, Rammstein… this list will change and grow daily and by who answers the question:) x

Thanks a lot guys, and purely because it came up in conversation with someone today, and I know you’re Liverpool and Leicester fans, who would you put your money on for winning the Premiership this season?

regarding the championship, Unfortunatly Leicester are pretty low on the table but in my mind LEICESTER CAN STILL DO IT!!

lots of love Dominic x

Life In Film – Get Closer