HMCMB Sessions :: Cosmo Jarvis

We caught up with Cosmo Jarvis during his UK tour down in our local seaside city… Brighton. Cosmo was playing at Green Door Store, a new venue that has sprung up near Brighton station, far enough from residential areas that it won’t fall foul of the pesky neighbours that have closed several great venues over the year, but also t close enough to the centre of Brighton that you don’t require a map and 3 buses to find the damn place. It also helps of course that the guys running it have a real taste for picking out new and emerging talent, making it a great place to check out some of the finest new music.

We grabbed Cosmo just after his soundcheck and took him down a side alley (it’s not what you think), to film our sessions. The issue for us however was the light, even with our camera sensitivity and most sensitive lens cranked up to full, there just wasn’t enough light for the poor camera to make use of. So we decided to shoot a video in silhouette. Now we’re the first to admit that it probably wasn’t a great idea, and that it is FAR from perfect, but we’ve enjoyed the results, and even if the videos were pitch black, which they nearly are, the songs themselves are so brilliant they’d be worth giving 100% of your attention to anyway. Here’s the videos for the hilarious ‘Sort Yourself Out’, controversial  ’Gay Pirates’, and forlorn ‘On A Train Downtown’.


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