B U I L_D I N G S – Eyes On Sunrise

Winter is officially here, no the weather’s not turned (yet) but the clocks have gone  back,  and we all know that means dark evenings, wet weather and arctic winds are just round the corner. It’s not all bad however, as this (read yesterday’s) morning now has an extra hour added to it, and what better to do with that hour than give you an update on HMCMB favourtites B U I L D I N G S or B U I L_D I N G S or perhaps just Buildings, we aren’t really sure.

The guys have just released their first single “Eyes On Sunrise”.  According to the press release “the song documents an intoxicated summers night with new love found through reddened eyes”. Now summers night may seem a little at odds with the clocks going back theme, but it’s not just a case of ironic juxtaposition, or even that a tenous link can be made between the time change and an earlier sunrise, more that it’s just a good piece of music. Couple that with the fact its available for free download on soundcloud for a limited time only and you’ll see why today was a good day to talk about it.

The track opens up with that same powerful atmosphere we’ve come to expect from B U I L_ D I N G S, plucked strings and an eerily restrained drum beat taking control before James’ haunting vocals glide in. It’s the clever subtlety of this track that is it’s defining feature, there’s no chorus as such to speak of, those looking for pop accesability need look elsewhere, those after an exemplar of how to weave and intertwine subtle melodies and riffs to create a deep fascinating texture need look no further. The track closes with the kind of breakdown that these guys are laying a signature claim too. The instrumental cuts out, leaving the closing lyrics all the more poignant, “Leave here tonight and see how you get on, seen the light and see that you want one. Seems so right, there’s futures to get on. Take me out, I’ll see that you get one.” Before the sound bubbles through again, reaching  for a plateuing crescendo that only leaves you wanting more.  Which probably isn’t a bad idea for a debut single…

Here’s the soundcloud stream (click the arrow to download) and we will update with iTunes links etc when they go live, by which time you’ll hopefully have fallen in love with the track enough to offer some support.