Mike Stud Ft. Huey Mack & Rich Young

Given I’ve just come out of a little post summer break, this track is probably about 6 weeks late. Which, unfortunately, ties in nicely to when the song was released, which would have made posting on it back then a much better idea.

How to describe the track then, well it’s certainly simple to plaster it with the ‘college rap’ status that you either love or hate, probably dependent on your relationship with said educational institution. Which unfortunately makes us big fans. Not to say we don’t like other genres, do we have to keep saying that? We like everything!

And it’s hard to find a complaint here anyway, yeah so the usually on-form Huey Mack’s verse is a tad weak, but the overall sentiment? Something we can all agree with. Check it out below for a little look inside the the weed and beer pong addled minds of three of the college rap scenes brightest stars paying homage to summer, school and everything else in-between.

Back Again – Mike Stud Huey Mack & Rich Young [right-click to download]