Live Like Kings

Live Like Kings are a perfect example of why listening to live music is just so great. More often than not, it’s the supporting acts of today that becomes the headliners of tomorrow. Or, even if they don’t become headliners, as anyone that has strayed as far into the blogosphere as you have to find us will attest to, the size of a band by no means determines their quality.

With my now ad hoc employment as a pseudo-journalist for several venues around the Brighton area, it’s meant going to an awful lot more gigs. Something that i’ve only been too happy to do. Live Like Kings took the stage at the Hope in Brighton to support Sissy & The Blisters (see the review here). There must have only been 20 people in the room, including the band, but they blew me away nonetheless.

Front man Adam O’ Neill and co aren’t an experimental band, they are by no means pushing the ‘musical boundaries’ or writing lyrics that will be studied for generations to come. But it doesn’t stop them being brilliant. The combination of Adam O’ Neills passionate drawling vocals and the rock n roll riffs scattered between the few tracks available on their Facebook page have had me listening to them ever since I saw them live.

So the moral(s) of this story? Respect support acts, check out as much live music as you can, you might find a gem,  and definitely check out Live Like Kings.

Live Like Kings – She Loves Me [right-click to download]

*Update* Oh, and there may well be some HMCMB sessions coming soon too.. Watch this space.