Dry The River – Weights And Measures

Mellow introspection… Under-rated, tiresome or simply rarely genuinely acheived? I’ve no idea where you stand, nor a desire to dictate of course, but will say that Dry The River are certainly ticking the first box, and in doing so so convincingly making a mockery of the second two. Well  that’s true for the first 80 seconds of “Weights And Measures” at least, with poetic lyrics echoing atop the tender guitar, and a touching sincerity in “I was prepared to love you, and never expect anything of youIt is this  sincerity that makes the soon prominant drums all the more powerful. With the durms come a fervour bubbling beneath the surface leading to a chorus that is anything but mellow. Impassioned, lifting and richly textured, it’s impossible not be captured by the new found intensity that is now dominating the track. Indeed, compare the anthemic ardour of the closing stages, all crashing instrumentals, lifting crescendos  and piercing vocals, with the restrained longing of the opening and it’s hard to believe they make up the same track. The fact this juxtaposition sounds so smooth throughout the epic journey that is “Weights & Measures” is testament to the bands craftsmenship.

Dry The River  –  Weight & Measures

At this point it’s probably worth backtracking a little, Dry The River are a 5 piece post punk band playing folky gospel music (their words not mine, but they hit the nail on the head.) Fresh off the back of playing support for Bombay Bicycle Club the band have just released a new EP “Weights And Measures”. The lead track from which, suprisingly enough, happens to be the abovementioned superb “Weights And Measures”.  The follow up piece “Family Tree”  follows a similar, glourious, formula. Opening up with vocals strained and entrancing in just the right measures, before the soundscape thickens with the addition of denser beats, vocal harmonies and increased tempo, leading into echoing peaks and troughs, that can only really be done justic by a listen, right through to the beautiful melliflous close.

The EP closes out with a return very much to mellow introspection, nothing like a circular plot… “Bible Belt” is a recording from the band’s session with Watch Listen Tell (whose acoustic videos we also happen to be great admirers of) and as such is gifted a more intimate feel, yet that same infectious quickening pace  and enrapturing vocal cadence shine through. The final track, a cover of Josh T Pearson’s “Thou Art Loosed”,  has a lamenting feel to it, riding almost solely on melancholic vocal harmonies and rasping strings, and in doing so displays another  darker facet of the band’s sound.  Check out the video for “Weights & Measures” below ; all zoomed-in irises, trippy colour splashes and striking imagery it’s a pretty impressive watch. It’s a shame that cutting the track to less than 4 minutes robs it off the iliad-esque epicness that makes it so special, else the video would most probably have found it self sitting atop this post.

Oh and just in case you want a taster to take away with you here’s a freely downloadable track from months back (just click the little arrow to download) although I’d also strongly advise heading HERE or to iTunes to purchase the EP proper.