Wooden Pigs

Indie whooping. Is that a term? A style of singing? Probably not, or if it is, please let us know, but it is one we’ve used to dub the flurry of acts that use such a characteristically similar vocal style. The Maccabbees, new act T H E S L O W D O W N and now Wooden Pigs all rely on the same drawling vocals fired scattergun at the audience in such a way that you can’t help but be swept up by them.

With a style that meshes the very best of Orlando Weeks’ (Macabbees) and the more successful parts of the Kings Of Leon’s latter albums, Wooden Pigs’ Blossom EP hits you straight up with something that sounds very familiar, and yet refined to the point that it is no knock off of acts before them. Instead, it’s a refined, more concentrated collection of the very best parts of some of the most successful alternative acts of the last 5 years.

Straying away from the choppy guitar and jangle of the many of the acts that precede them, the Blossom EP shows Wooden Pigs have stuck to basics. Big guitar riffs and roaring baselines pervade throughout, allowing the loose and chaotic vocals to leap around, never hanging within one range long enough to be pigeonholed. The Blossom, for which the video is found atop this post, goes some way to surmising Wooden Pigs’ sound. Chines then takes the same solidity The Blossom laid out and throws some rip roaring guitar and an even more infectious bass lines that transform the track into crescendoes of the excitable, whooping choruses. The EP continues with a subtler blend of the already refined formula before the true versatility of this fledgling act is shown in the ending track ‘I’ve Got Time’. The formula is taken and slowed down to the edge of what could be maintained and is laid out for all to hear. And what can be heard? A song weighted with emotion, built around an unconventional tempo, whilst retaining the same sound and facets of the entire EP. An incredible track from a tantalisingly talented young act. Enjoy.

Head over to Bandcamp to grab “The Blossom EP”, or if your not convinced try out some tracks below.

Wooden Pigs – Chines

Wooden Pigs – I’ve Got Time