HMCMB Sessions :: General Fiasco

On yet another rainy day in the big smog we once again found ourselves looking forward to filming some sessions with a few more of our favourite artists. This time, General Fiasco. It seems odd that position we’ve found ourselves in has brought up so many opportunities to meet and practically get exclusive acoustic performances with acts i’d spent hours before HMCMB came to fruition playing over and over again. Maybe we should start seeing it as work, but for the moment it still feels like a real treat and privilege, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. It’s always better to love what you’re doing. We can only hope that the videos we share with you guys reflect in some way how both how talented the acts we showcase are, and what it feels like to hear them first hand. That’s our aim anyway!

So General Fiasco, these lads from Belfast were mid way through their tour when we maanged to collar them at the O2 academy in Islington. A venue i’d heard a lot about but never actually been to. Our little show however happened outside their dressing room, in between a variety of vegetarian sandwiches. Tasty. The guys were great fun and complete professionals. They nailed both videos first take, whilst remaining more humble that their talent should probably allow them to be. They’re more than deserving of all the success they achieve. Check out the video’s below and let us know what you think! If you haven’t already caught any of our shameless plugging, head over to for more!




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