Hip Hop Update!

So, it’s been a while since we shared some of the hip hop lovin’ we’ve been accumulating over the last few months. And now it feels like time. SO, without further ado, here are some new acts, some slightly older acts and some HMCMB Regulars, all with some cracking tracks ready for sharing with you guys.

First up is newcomer TJay, he’s been making waves in Chicago and released a great video with Jon Kilmer for See Me Now, check the video out above and cop the track below.

Teejay – See Me Now– [right-click to download]

Next is a track from Mac Miller’s hugely anticipated album Blue Slide Park. Amidst slating from the supposed music aficionados Pitchfork the album was pretty good. Perhaps it didn’t match up to his K.I.D.S mixtape, but what really could? Regardless of that though, Up All Night from Blue Slide Park is HUGE and a perfect example of why Mac is so loved. With tracks this fun, what does it matter if, as Pitchfork, he only appeals to ‘white college kids’. Because obviously rap’s only any good if it’s hood… Right. Well as a self confessed white college kid, enjoy.

Mac Miler – Up All Night  [right-click to download]

Next is a track from AER. Not entirely whether ‘Lights’ constitutes as rap, but there’s similarities, so it’s included.  Make sure you go and grab their mixtape/album/fralbum (how do you know these days?!) ‘The Reach’ if you’re keen on their relaxed blend of guitar, synth, pro hooks and flowing verses.

AER – Lights (Can You Keep It) [right-click to download]

Another artist to keep an eye on is Kixxie Siete. ‘A Philipino kid that grew up with hispanics’. Not sure where he’s from but his chilled flow, old school beats and dedication to hip hop is pretty refreshing. Check out Tiger Style below.

Kixxie Siete – Tiger Style [right-click to download]

Lastly but not least comes a new Chiddy Bang track. Any GMAD or pretty much any Hype Machine blog reader will have heard about ‘Ray Charles’ a while ago. Doesn’t stop it being brilliant. Xaphoon Jones’ verging on magical mastery of the cheeky fun samples, and Chiddy’s consistently on point verses make this a classic.

Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles [right-click to download]

So we hope that’s enough hip hop to tide you over till the next instalment. Now’s also a good a time as any to announce our excitement for the  Songs Of 2011 playlist we’re compiling at the moment. It looks like it’s gonna be a good one, as you’d expect from such a good year for new music. Anyway, enjoy the links and stay tuned for more HMCMB excitement over the next few weeks!