Yuksek @ Coalition

The life of an electronic producer come DJ come remixer can often be a confusing one. Reviewers and fans alike constantly attempt to pigeon hole them, but with their interests and talents stretching throughout the musical spectrum, this can be a difficult task. It’s this exact same variance in their roles in the music industry that has led to much disappointment from fans of their DJ and live performances. You only have to look to Nero’s autumn tour of DJ dates and the mass criticism heaped upon them by the crowds of eager fans waiting to have their brains melted. Luckily though for live music fans, because as part of Brighton’s Viva La France culture events, Yuksek, the brainchild of Pierre Busson, had forgone (most of) his MacBooks and CDJs.  Replacing them with a trusty assortment of drums, synths, keyboards and guitars that create the French electro magic of Yuksek’s live set.

It’s always difficult for musicians of any kind to move in a ‘pop’ like direction and convince their fans that it isn’t just to make new fans and sell more records. Inevitably then that, ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’, his latest musical outing spurred this exact debate. Having drawn his inspiration for the loneliness and dislocation he felt on tour though, die hard fans of this French electro mastermind were quick to welcome him back with open arms after hearing his mastery of optimism, frenetic synths and jaunty piano that litters his latest LP and live performances.

 As a pianist for a French conservatoire for over a decade,Yuksek is no stranger to live performances, and oh how it showed.  He brought with him the finest selection of his nations provincial electro to Coalition, served with a dizzying amount of style, atmosphere and querky dance moves.  As the main supplier of the variety of hooks and chorus’ that now proliferate his live shows, he did a brilliant job of remaining engaged behinds his cage of synths and keyboards. A task made substantially easier by the quality of his fellow live performers. Things reacher a fever pitch during fan favourite ‘Always On The Run’, a fluid mixture of tingly synth, sprightly piano hooks and soaring vocals. His latest single On A Train closed out his act after Pierre quite eloquently dismissed doing an encore and explained he’d rather stay on stage and play a few more tracks in its place. A very good idea. His last track of the night was fittingly the first single from his latest LP. The crowd responded with an enthusiasm the belied its modest size. The amalgamation of pop, electro and dance of ‘On A Train’ that catapulted him towards record deals with Polydor and his current success provided perhaps the epitomy of this French electro virtuoso’s new dance pop direction. A direction to be embraced by all willing to sacrifice a few beats per minute for a rip roaring good time and a glance at the latest in the long line of French producers set to tear the electronic music scene apart.

Check out his Always On The Run below or head over to his Youtube page or any  of the various online musical outlets to hear more!

Yuksek  –  Always On The Run