Bear Driver – Let The Cold//Never Never

We at HMCMB have been pretty keen on Bear Driver for a little while now. The 6-piece collective first came to our attention back in March last year, with their release of several free tracks in the build up to their appearance at SXSW, which you can read all about HERE. We instantly fell for the easy infectiousness of their hazy folk, so are pretty excited by the news that their debut album is now imminent. Better news yet is that ahead of said album release has come a double A side on Adventure Club Records, “Let The Cold//Never Never”.

“Let The Cold”, for which the video is atop this post, sees a slight contrast to the bands spring releases. Here there is more drive and impetuous, in particular to the instrumental. The layered orchestral sounds that were so prominent in the likes of “Fugitive” and “Colours Run” are jettisoned in favour of a stripped back guitar and drums approach. There is something about the juxtaposition of this driven instrumental with the still languid, and richly textured, vocal harmonies that cannot help but pique your interest. This juxtaposition is in fact embodied beautifully in the video, with a nostalgic washed out feel clashing with the hectic DIY camera work.

“Never Never” is a return to the music past, both sonically and with it’s free download status. The deceptively manic opening drum beat soon gives way to the same slumberous enchanting soundscape that Bear Driver seem to be making their own, their genre tag for “Never Never” being “Surfy Slacker Pop’. Playing up to the permanent need to pigeon hole new sounds, particularly in the wake of the hazy summer of 2010 out of which many of these acts bore existence. Yet at the same time it seems to sum the piece up pretty damn well, flushed with easy contentment as it is, in fact it makes you wonder what else really needs to be said. So on that note, have a listen to the tracks below and you can sleep easy knowing we shall definitely be keeping you updated on the album release.

Bear Driver – Let The Cold

Bear Driver – Never Never [click the small arrow to download]