Freestyle Fridays – e-dubble Is Back

This is possibly the best news of 2012 to date. A bold claim admittedly, but when you consider the quality that the last Freestyle Friday (FF) series dished up, a justified one.

For those of you who don’t know e-dubble hails from Baltimore and for the entirity of 2010 he released a free track every Friday that saw his passionate, entertaining flow masterfully laid over a huge variety of samples. There was “Class Clown” a story of teenage awkwardness and insecurity, “No alcohol to quell the inhibitions, we fight those with jokes about kissing,” laid over a bouncy Hanson sample. “Grown For A Minute” was another highlight, both for e-dubble’s immaculate timing and for the humour proffered in his long outro, plenty of confusion over how exactly to pronouce Jonsi when thanking him for the sample. “The Inbetween” was a personal favourite. This time it was Two Door Cinema Club’s turn to have their track cut up and restitched into the perfect backing piece upon which e-dubble could lay his wisdom. The message one of carefree hedonism, “We’re alive till we die, but we’re living so we grind to get high, enjoy the inbetween because time passes by.” The flow bouncing atop a great beat in truly infectious manner. There’s at least a dozen other songs that I could pick out as highlights, which is pretty special when you consider the turnaround time for each track was a week. One week, 7 days, that really isn’t long to produce stuff this good, especially when you’re (somehow) not even getting paid to do it.

Hopefully you’ll now agree that aforementioned excitment is somewhat justified. “Last Man Standing” is the first of 2012’s FF series, which actually makes it FF#54. And if e-dubble’s passsion, bordering anger, is anything to go by he’s still as driven as he was with FF#1. “Last Man Standing” see’s e-dubble bouncing off Asher Roth’s early reverb beat, in an unusually mellow fashion. That soon changes with the drop accompanying the 30 second mintue mark. First to go is the vocal tone, turning all gruff and ardent, there’s no doubt these lyrics are now being spat. Lyrics as controversial as always “More black friends than white, more gay than straight”. The intensity cranked up to a level that is impressively maintained through the whole of the 3 minutes, right untill that good ole’ outro. In his own words, e-dubble’s “Waiting for a bad review, keep waiting.” Keep waiting indeed.

e-dubble – Last Man Standing

e-dubble – Class Clown

e-dubble – Grown For A Minute

e-dubble – The Inbetween