Naysayers (Mr Guardian and Mr NME, we’re looking at you) are proclaiming the days of guitar bands are over. My question for you though, is exactly how much post-dub, chill wave, day-glo, lo-fi ambience can you take? There’s certainly times when digging your teeth into something that offers a little bit more for the persistent listeners is well worth the effort, I mean heck, one of my favourite EPs of 2010 was Glass Vaults’ Glass EP. Having said that though, an injection of instantly accessible energy every now and then can be just as warranted. For those of us not completely won over by the tie dye clad synth legions just yet, the grizzled welcome of a guitar record may be just what you need.

Welcome Vows. A 6 piece from the Midlands. With them they bring an ample supply of the aforementioned energy in the form of howling guitars, roaringly infectious vocals and a timeless blend of anger, cool and charisma. Again, were it not for how openly they strut within their indie rock guitar band niche, it could be written off. But then you would be missing a fundamental aspect of why such bands have been so popular. Their accessibility bought them a place in popular culture. But as the masses dived head long into the pop and R&B of the mid to late 2000s, much of their followers were lost. Ever conscious to stay ahead of the curve, the self confessed subversive music lovers also moved onto pastures new, pastures thick with the ambient MacBook music that so often sets The Hype Machine alight.

Their track Colours, for which the excellent video above is for, gives no better example of the accessible guitar rock that had everyone hooked a decade ago. I challenge you to listen and not enjoy what they have to offer. It smacks of the London based Stowaways, but by no means can that falter our love for their brilliant excursion into the all too familiar realms of guitar band indie that proliferated the early 2000s. So Mr Guardian, it would seem guitar music isn’t dead. If you would be so kind as to go and stop Mr NME from crying in the corner, take away all the Oasis and Libertines CD memorabilia he’s been clutching so dearly and tell him to stop bleating on about Mona and Viva Brother. Then, once that’s dealt with, perhaps together you guys can begin to look at the bigger picture. Guitar music isn’t dead, being as fun as it is, it probably won’t ever die. Need evidence? Listen to Vows. [Rant over]

Vows – Colours [right-click to download]