Icarus Youth

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but acts that cross and fuse genres always grab our attention. As you may have guessed where this is going, Icarus Youth do just that. Another thing that appeals to us is promoting local bands, again, Icarus Youth hail from Brighton, much like us. It would seem quite likely, even natural, that their ‘indie Rock ‘n’ Rhyme’ fusion would find itself on HMCMB at some point or another. We only wish it was sooner.

The music then, dark and quirky. An ominous amalgam of considered lyricism, sharp guitar and an all pervasive sense of foreboding consumes each track. There’s a genuine sense that in each some sort of anguish is contained, ready and able to explode on a moments notice, often to great effect. The idiosyncratic rap of front man Will Whiting interspersed with the aforementioned bursts of frenzied outcry that’ve come to typify their frenetic tracks and performances hold together each musical outing. A fundamental aspect of Icarus Youth’s appeal is their vocal versatility. From barely contained angered cries to street honed, grime heavy rap, the full range makes the weaving of their particular music fusion that much smoother.

From the songs available on their Soundcloud, We Are Made provides the most concentrated dosage of menace that keeps Icarus Youth so intriguing. The lingering howls, tight guitar and thunderous percussion rising only to fall as the track roars towards its faded conclusion. ‘Why’, shows however an alternate avenue for Icarus Youth to explore, and with said track as evidence, one well worth doing so with. The foreboding and suppression that provides the cohesion for their other tracks is shed, allowing a simplistic yet incredibly engaging pop style to shine through. Upbeat yet no less excitable, the inclusion of a chirpy acoustic riff, a simple group-backed chorus and overbearing feeling of fun makes for something that’s instantly accessible, but with a lyrical depth that will keep you returning, play after play.

Icarus Youth aren’t reinventing the wheel, nor are they bringing together genres that have never crossed before. What they are doing is worth celebrating in its own right. Engaging, menacing and thoughtful all at the same time with an ample supply of variety. It would seem Brighton has even more unsung talent in need of championing.

For anyone not convinced, check out some of their offerings below and check them out on their respective Facebook and Soundcloud. We heard there’s an album in the making too. Exciting.

Icarus Youth – Why [right-click to download]

Icarus Youth – We Are Made [right-click to download]