First Aid Kit

Something a bit different from us today, in the form of First Aid Kit. They look just exactly how they sound, huge floppy felt hats and reels of ethnic fabric floating around them. Add to this the flowing long hair and they look like the kind of people you see dancing in a particularly intense manner next to an empty stage on a lazy festival day. A visual representation of the Summer of Love. But with no Glastonbury this year, maybe these girls are what we are all missing out on.

Klara & Johanna Söderberg are Swedish sisters showcasing folksy country music that will make you melt. The harmonies are close and sweet, really reminiscent of Fleet Foxes if that’s your thing and the girls even supported Lykke Li last year.

Released just this week, their second album ‘The Lion’s Roar’ yodels of their time spent in Omaha, especially their up coming single ‘Emmylou’, name checking Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons and of course Emmylou Harris. The country swing of the guitar and brushing percussion makes the track a sweet early Valentine ballad for you. It is after all due for release on the 14th of Feb. ‘In the Hearts of Men’ is also beautiful, the vocals reaching a bit deeper than things we have seen from them before yet still maintaining the intensity of the youth they harbour. In fact, the whole swing of the album makes me want to set off to the hills with a checkered knapsack and a dream. I’m unsure of exactly what dream just yet, but you can certainly hear the Americana influence.

Don’t miss them on their short UK tour in the next few months.

First Aid Kit  –  Emmy Lou