King Charles – LoveBlood

Today see’s a return to yet another old favourite. Maybe there’s something inherent in nostalgia that’s somewhat secure and comforting, or perhaps it just so happens that there’s a string of upcoming releases that we’ve been eagerly anticipating for a while now, probably the latter. Truth be told I’m not even sure if 2010 can qualify as nostalgic, that’s when we first featured King Charles, with his cover of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” appearing in our Songs Of 2010. Either way the good news is that his debut album “LoveBlood” is set for release on the 7th May and today we’ve the lead single for you.

There’s something invariably poppy about King Charles, the fact that that could be in anyway be construed as a bad thing speaks volumes for how pop has been ripped from it’s true roots. The essence of popular music is simply that it has universal appeal, and yet at the same time that is what makes it so fickle and subjective. I would however challenge anyone to listen to “LoveBlood” without it nestling away firmly in their subconscious. From the quirky guitar riffs reminiscent of Vampire Weekend to the vocal texture that is very much King Charles’ own this is pop music as it should be, refreshing, uplifting and infectious.

It will be interesting to hear how King Charles’ sound pans out across the rest of the album, inevitably his distinctive vocals will dominate but it will surely be the way in which he manages to meld instrumentation and rhythms around them whilst maintaining a breadth and cogency of sound that will define the LP. With a track list featuring the likes of “Love Lust”, all anthemic chanting and hectic, soaring crescendos, and “Ivory Road” which displays a subtler lyricism amid a healthy dose of hand clapping, things are looking pretty promising. Check back here nearer the time for an update; in the meantime enjoy the video below.