Meg Myers

I suppose it could be difficult to believe when we say it’s not often that a band really grabs our attention. As an internet ‘filter’ for new music, a term coined by many a music blog, the role we’ve given ourselves is exactly that, filtering out the good from the average, mediocre and downright awful. All of which is of course subjective, so then perhaps our role is to filter out what we deem to be music we enjoy and think that our beloved readers will also enjoy. What this does all mean then is that a lot of music passes us by that we don’t really like, or just doesn’t grab us in the same way the artists we share with you do. This is a role we cherish – and feel honoured to have an opinion others value – but wading through press releases and the vast depths of the blogosphere can also be tiring. It makes our lives so much more enjoyable when someone or something jumps out at you and just can’t be shaken  from our heads. Readers, meet Meg Myers.

The fact is, a lot of the time tracks I love, I love instantly. There’s not been many artists that’s been more true for than Meg Myers. The most likely reason is, if forced to choose, I’d choose passion over proficiency every single time, and passion becomes obvious far sooner than the intricacies of proficient music does. Meg Myer’s wears that passion on her sleeve so proudly it’s hard not to love it (or her).

An artists outlook can often help or hamper their image in their careers drastically. It’s a clichéd example, perhaps that’s why it works so well, but would Nirvana have become the iconoclastic heroes they’re hailed as without Kurt Cobain’s depression or reluctance to engage with the press? What was it about their refusal to whore themselves out to Grazia magazine or Entertainment Weekly that created social icons, and not just arrogant good-for-nothings with no idea of what they’re missing out on? I don’t profess to know the answer, but for me, it’s sincerity. They weren’t avoiding the press Wu Lyf style because their PR said so, they were doing it because they just didn’t want another suited up, parasitic journalist asking him what Teen Spirit is or whether he wanted to top himself. They had a message, but it was spread in their music. And people loved that.

So how does this relate to Meg then (i’ve decided we’re on a first name basis ya’ see)?  She doesn’t ignore the press, and I know little of her emotional state, but that same sincerity in her music is there. One that may be rarer than we like to think. We know she lives in LA, formally from Tennessee, and that apparently she didn’t go to high school, and that’s about it. Just another singer with a rebellious streak then. Until you hear her sing. The first track I heard was ‘Monster’, and for a song based entirely around a captivating cello and guitar assortment. It sent shivers down my spine. Offsetting the sombre notes and minimalist percussion is a voice barely restrained. And it’s in times like that her passion and humanity come to the fore. I was instantly won over by her macabre sincerity, and still am.

Her other tracks maintain don’t maintain the same intensity of emotion that Monster does, few tracks can, but the sincerity is still there. ‘Adelaide’s eery piano intro to a grandiose tour de force of percussion and synth provide the backdrop for  vocals on the edge of control. Similarly can be said for new track ‘After You’, but the vocals lack of restraint exchanged for honesty. It’s only in her early Poison in which the electronics are ditched in favour of trusty overdriven guitars that the fun side she shows on social networks is shown, and yet even that fun is more cathartic than it is superficial. She doesn’t seem to hold back, which for a listener is captivating.

And so that’s it, maybe this is all madness, but something about her music did grab me. Admittedly there’s lots of music I enjoy, but not much that evokes emotion, or questions so directly what it is I love about music as often as Meg Myers. Then again, maybe i’m being too sentimental and reading too far into it. Have a listen or download and decide for yourself.

Meg Myers  –  Monster 

Meg Myers  –  Adelaide

Meg Myers  –  Poison