HMCMB Sessions :: HandS

It’s been a long while since we’ve brought you any sessions, and now you’re going to be getting a whole lot of them. Kind of like really tuneful buses. The first set of which come from electro duo HandS. HandS, or Hakon and Sofie (which makes their name rather clever!) used to reside in Bergen, Norway, but are now based in our capital. Which thankfully for us, was rather sunny on our visit! We had a great time with them and love how their electro sound translated so well to such an intimate set up. Not only did they play for us two of their singles to-be-released, but also a cheeky cover of Rihanna’s Man Down. We loved the cover and it really made us think about what constitutes good covers. It’s been said time and time again, but making the song your own can give tracks you may not otherwise give a second glance a real lease of life. Just look at Jose Gonzalez’ Heartbeats! Well we felt similarly about HandS’ too, and I hope you can enjoy the sessions as much as we enjoyed meeting them. We must also say thanks to Erik Brudvik for letting us use his awesome house for the videos!

Now also seems a good time to mention that from now on we shall be releasing videos exclusively on our Facebook and Twitter pages before they go public on YouTube, so if you want to have a glimpse of those early, head over their to see more! Right now though, scroll down and enjoy HandS.


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