Echotape – Sky Above Quarley Hill EP

Amalgamated Aesthetic Industries (AAI). Not sure what that means? It certainly piques your interest though. Not that Echotape need much other than their music to catch your attention. That they’re also shrouded in a kind of prophetic mysteriousness is a bonus. A visit to will probably prove more enlightening than anything I can say on the matter. Once there, you’ll be subjected to a variety of striking visuals and dramatic messages. “We are made perfect. We are corrupted from birth. We can undo the damage. If only we realise.” Not sure where I stand on that. Think I might just stick to writing about music.

“Sky Above Quarley Hill” is the band’s debut EP. It will be released on March 19th, but is already streaming on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Pleasure it is, the 4 tracks are unquestionably anthemic, whilst just about managing to retain an organic feel and depth. With it’s echoing opening, rising drumbeat and irresistible riffs “Unstable” is a solid start. Haunting vocals take over in “Riding For A Fall”. They’re set against a subdued and simple soundscape that builds to something far richer in the fervent choruses. It is the vocals skimming across this textured instrumentation of the chorus that hooks you. That and the keen control of pace and crescendo. That same yo-yoing intensity underpins “Black & White”. An eerie, out in the wilderness, opening serves only to enhance the emotion of the track. “I’m black and white I’m breaking down”, is accompanied by a booming drumbeat that gives way to a symbol fuelled chorus, “I’ve been away, I come back, to find my house a foreign place.” Those lyrics will find themself a good home in your subconscious. The EP closes out with a Youth remix of “Spinning”. Generally I’m not a big fan of bands featuring remixes on their debuts, but, given that Youth produced the thing, can probably make an exception. That and the fact it’s a wonderfully uplifting 9 minutes to finish on, with a bit of electro gloss adding a little more warmth to the track.

Whether you’re after guitar music with an epic feel, or just a bit of mystery, Echotape are your guys. The EP is available this time next week, it’ll be worth the wait.

Echotape  –  Sky Above Quarley Hill EP