I’ve always wished I could skateboard or BMX or something. I’ve managed to stay on the outskirts of the sports, and do a hefty amount of mountain biking, but to be quite honest I just don’t think i’ve got the balls for the ‘extreme’ side of the sports. But man do I look up to the people that do. That leaves me in a funny position then with Siren. He’s a serious skateboarder, and a musician that not only makes great music, but has been able to work with Lucy Rose. I should really hate this guy. If i can see through thick green smoke of my jealousy for a bit though, i’d probably have to concede that Siren A.K.A Stefan Niedermeyer is worth listening to. Maybe.

It’s probably worth delving a little bit into Siren’s past, not that we usually avoid artists’ pasts, but still. He’s a half german, half australian skateboarder come musician that lived in Singapore until he was 18, before moving to London. It would be safe to say then that he’s had a pretty interesting life thus far. Not only was he a skateboarder, but a really freakin’ good one. Winning a silver medal at the Singapore X Games. No mean feat. Apparently aged 14 he was the also the first skateboarder to jump the largest stair set in Singapore. A largely irrelevant anecdote, but one that’s getting my jealousy bubbling again. Best move onto the music.

Annoyingly, he also makes great music. He’s  only got two tracks available at the moment, Buckets Of Blood and Surrender. Both catchy yet intelligent tracks. There’s something captivating about the simplicity of them too, rising and falling, rhythmic backing and sharp guitar all playing out beneath confident, charismatic vocals. Buckets Of Blood providing an ode to the tight guitar of Wild Beasts and Bombay Bicycle Club fame, but accompanied with a wealth of siren-like synth. How apt. Surrender is a simpler, more electronic affair. But with the beautiful addition of Lucy Rose’s dreamy vocals. A brilliant offset to his stylistic charm. One that we can also probably assume will land Siren some cracking support slots in the near future. For the moment though, with only two songs to check out, that seems a way off.

And that’s more or less, that’s Siren. A skateboarding, music making, Singapore born German/Australian. Though something tells me there’s far more to be discovered.  Part of me wants to think he’s like a foreign really really really cool version of me. Without the geekery and penchant to sit in front of a computer screen. Sigh. Anyway, i’m gonna leave you guys with his music and now so I can go and try a few bunny hops or something to fend off my new found inferiority complex. I hope you enjoy it as much as I (should) have done.

Siren  –  Buckets Of Blood  

Check out Siren on Facebook and Twitter too.

Siren  –  The Surrender