HMCMB Sessions :: Jacko Hooper

So, more sessions for you!

Jacko Hooper’s a local singer/songwriter we first had the pleasure of hearing when he supported ‘supergroup’ Young Legionnaire with his act Kai (oddly, we knew a good friend of his from our neck of the woods and thus knew to look out for him, but that’s another story). The gig was pretty heavy, certainly for our meek and mild musical palettes, but it was a great gig and really opened our eyes to more music, which is always a good thing! Well, that’s not the Jacko Hooper that we filmed on a cold morning in Brighton. The same friendly talented guy, but less angry shouting and electric guitar thrashing. Instead, we were treated with three beautiful tracks from his new EP, soon to be released later this month!

So, we were super pleased with how the videos came out, and we hope Jacko is too! Please check them out below and as always like/share/subscribe if you enjoyed them. Heck, even if you don’t!

And, if you want to hear more Jacko Hooper, which i’m sure you will want to, here’s his Facebook page where you can keep up to speed with all his goings on!


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