King Charles Update

As you’ve probably guessed by now we’re pretty big fans of King Charles. We aren’t sure whether that’s due to the refreshing songwriting, characteristic voice or unique look. Most probably it’s a combination of the three. As mentioned previously, we are  looking forward to the release of his debut album “LoveBlood” on the 7th May. Today we’ve got the track list for it:

1. LoveBlood
2. Mississippi Isabel
3. Bam Bam
4. Love Lust
5. Polar Bear
6. Lady Percy
7. Ivory Road
8. Brightest Lights
9. Beating Hearts
10. Coco Chitty
11. Wilde Love

A couple of Sundays back (March 11th) we also had the chance to catch the man/band live. They were playing the last stop of their UK tour. The venue was the Portland Arms, Cambridge. It was a small place with an incredible atmosphere. There was a wonderfully jovial and down to earth feel to the whole gig. The epitome of this came half way through We Were Evergreen’s set. The french band had been supporting King Charles throughout the entire tour. Their feel-good indie pop was certainly having the desired effect. All clever beat loops, yukele thrashing, honeyed vocals and sparkle. To cap it off, a voice over my left shoulder asked, “Is there any space at the front?” I turned with a “Yes” to which King Charles responded, “Why?! Move forward”. He soon claimed a spot just off stage and asked everyone to move that bit closer. It was great to see such support.

King Charles was up on stage as soon as We Were Evergreen finished. He proceeded to mess around with a basketball for the next quarter of an hour, whilst various soundchecks took place around him. Further evidence of someone simply enjoying the moment. It was pretty uplifting, which sounds far too sickly sweet. Such over-sweetness was soon shattered as King Charles opened up with the  medieval intensity of “Mr Flick”. It was an impassioned start that set the tone for the rest of the set. A set that was heavier than expected. The glossy glam-folk of “Love Blood” and the clever lyricism of “Love Lust” still featured prominently. There was also head-banging aplenty, “Coco Chitty” saw the beehive let loose as power chords dominated. “Polar Bear” was quirky brilliance of the highest order, the absurd lyricism juxtaposed with heavy, menacing instrumentation to great effect. The encore was an unquestionable highlight. It began with “Ivory Road”. A track we’ve drooled over enough times to make any further praise redundant. The finale was “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, with the stage descending into gloriously crowded chaos. King Charles summoned We Were Evergreen to rejoin him, along with half a dozen of the audience. He fervently launched into his cover of the Billy Joel classic, “Kate Moss, 50 Cent, Obama is the president, peace is scarce, no-one dares, Litvinenko”. Even better than the lyrics were the choruses. They consisted of King Charles giving it his all, a score or people singing at the top of their lungs and a man with a trumpet. What more could you want?