Man Made

I’ve always been a bit suspicious of people that wear gold jackets. Well I haven’t really, but if I had given it any thought at all, that’s almost certainly the conclusion I would’ve come to. Just look at these schmucks. Is that the kind of person you’d like to be labelled as? Deep down for a lot of us the answer is probably yes, but if we can abide to the conventions of social norms, i’d appreciate it if you could all shake your heads vigorously so that my point makes sense. That being: Fortunately, Man Made may have on occasion donned a gold jacket, but lucky for us, his music is nothing like the bible bashing ‘ooh baby baby’ of previous offenders. For now at least.

And how could you when you look like Kurt Cobain does glam rock. Not that that’s how he sounds either, but was almost certainly the vibe I got from the above photo. It’s probably about time though I stop obsessing how the dude looks, and focus on what really drew me to him. The music. Which is lucky really, because as the son of none other than Johnny Marr, this post could look quite different. But out of respect for the music, and Nile Marr AKA Man Made, i’ll try and make this the only time that’s mentioned. I can only imagine how much it would piss you off trying to escape his dad’s Smiths sized shadow.

All atmospheric electronic guitar and pained vocals, Man Made doesn’t hold back, nor though does he escape the melodrama it creates. Which is a foreseeable problem if he continues to play lonely, solo stuff. For now though it still sounds great, as long as there’s more in store for us listeners. He released a self titled EP some time ago in which he played everything except the drums. That’s an impressive feat for anybody, especially when it ties together quite as well as it does. Stand out tracks Do Your Worst and Don’t Thank God showing the energetic side to his sound, one that it’d be great to hear more of. The grungy guitar of Don’t Thank God a tantalising listen to something we might just hear more of in later releases.

My favourite track though unfortunately has since been removed from his Soundcloud. It was demo called Nobody’s Dreaming, an acoustic track laced with piano that really showed off Nile’s vocal ability. Youthful definitely, but exuding confidence. Luckily though, i’ve managed to scrounge a copy which’ll be available to stream at the bottom of this post. Between Man Made’s confidence, the masses of musical links his family have probably accumulated, and the fact he’s actually bloody good, the sky is probably the limit for this charming man. Har Har.

Seriously though, check out some of his stuff below, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to find out more about him, head over to his Facebook or Twitter.

Man Made  –  Nobody’s Dreaming

Man Made  –  Do Your Worst

Man Made  –  Don’t Thank God