Tayyib Ali – An Update

We may well be continuing on our usual theme of being  late in sharing all things Tayyib Ali here, but that’s not gonna stop us. You may remember Tayyib’s superb “Keystone State Of Mind” mixtape, his sophomore effort. It was a great blend of infectious beats, smooth flow and tight production. This was hip-hop how we like it, chilled, sun-kissed and authentic. You coudn’t help but nod along, and dream of a better place.

That tape was released a while a go now, near on a year in fact. Tayyib’s been fairly busy since then. He spent most of the Autumn/Fall touring. Unfortunately we have the small matter of an ocean preventing us from being at any of his shows, so can’t offer much comment on them. If he ever makes it over here we will definitely be making an appearance, and have little doubt it’ll be one hell of a show. Tayyib has also managed to grab a number of feature spots. He teamed up with man of the moment Hoodie Allen on “Can’t Hold Me Down”, which featured on Hoodie’s “Leap Year”. The two bounced of each other well, atop RJF’s retro beat. Tayyib also helped add a bit of non-autotuned freshness to Paz’s “One Hundred”, off the rather unimaginatively named “Young, Broke & Fameles II”.

The last couple of months have seen Tayyib return to making his own music. On a couple of occasions production has been handled by Jahlil Beats. Jahlil is a recent signing to Roc Nation, will let you draw your own (potentially exciting) conclusions from that pairing. The first track was “412/215”. It was a bit of a misfire. Dominated by heavy sinister beats that don’t gel with the Tayyib we know and love, he had to change his flow and lyrics accordingly, and the result was a little jarring. Thankfully any concerns of a change in direction were soon assuaged by the brilliant “Dear Lord”. The contrast between “Dear Lord” and “412/215” is made even more striking by it coming from the same team of Jahlil and Tayyib. The soundbed is built around delicate piano chords, overlayed with a gentle moan and odd reverb with a couple of denser hits thrown in. As ever, when provided with a solid beat, Tayyib excels. From the first time you hear this it’s irrestitable. It’s a tough act for “Ride With Me” to follow. On this occasion Tayyib teams up with Cisco Adler, who’s acoustic input is evident from the off. It’s more of that sunny magic that we love so much, and even if it isn’t quite as special as “Dear Lord”, it’s certainly refreshing.

Listen/download below. And get following Tayyib on Facebook and Twitter

Hoodie Allen – Can’t Hold Me Down (ft Tayyib Ali) [right-click and save as to download]

Tayyib Ali – 412/215 (ft Devin Miles) [right-click and save as to download]

Tayyib Ali – Dear Lord [right-click and save as to download]

Tayyib Ali – Ride With Us (ft Cisco Adler) [right-click and save as to download]