Bastille – Overjoyed EP


Bastille put us in a conundrum. We see ourselves as an outlet for new music. There is little point in churning out the mass news/views that can be found across many other web outlets. Don’t take this the wrong way, that news is often very important. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t at times rely on those sites to stay up to date. Generally speaking though, that’s not the role we see ourselves in. We would rather bring you something new, something different.

Which brings us to the Bastille dilemma. We first featured Bastille, or Dan Smith as it was then, back in February last year. At the time Dan was producing tracks in his bedroom, and it was the superb Icarus that first grabbed our attention. Since then we’ve featured Bastille a number of times. Interviews, acoustic sessions and the brilliantly progressive Laura Palmer EP being the various different flavours on offer. Despite this variety, there is no doubting that we’ve focused, uncharacteristically, heavily on Bastille. Does this clash with our new music mantra? Perhaps. Thankfully our desire to share what we love overrides our want to stick to that mantra. In the case of Bastille the circumstances are extenuating. We stumbled across Dan’s brilliance fairly early on. More importantly Bastille’s music has continued to evolve, whilst still retaining its inspired uniqueness. Equally exciting has been their recent, much deserved, exposure to the mainstream. The feature of today’s post, Overjoyed , has earned some airtime on Radio 1 of late.

Overjoyed was my standout track from the Laura Palmer EP. That is saying something, given the quality of the other 3 tracks. It was the darkest record from the EP, dominated by despairing melancholy. Dan’s introspective vocals begin by flitting across menacing piano chords. Once again the character of his voice reigning supreme. Things get even better when the post-dubstep stylings begin to take form. A masterful combination of subtle bass, textured reverb and upbeat percussion drive the track to an eerie plateu, before tender vocals bring it to a close. The Overjoyed EP includes 4 remixes of its title track, alongside a new track. Sleepsong is fuelled by fusion of Smith’s soaring vocals with jaunty piano along with the subtle electronic meddling that is fast becoming a Bastille trademark. The EP is out today. You can, and should, grab it HERE (or on iTunes).