Exam season

A Spectre is haunting HMCMB – the spectre of Summer exams. As this Cold War tinged intro might suggest, we have exams coming up. As of late the resultant academic commitments have been detrimental to our ability to deliver quality content to you guys. Some of our more attentive readers have probably noticed that our posting regularity has dropped considerably. Unfortunately with the pressures really beginning to amp up, we have decided that it is for the best to take some time off blogging, to focus on the considerably less exciting realms of history, science and english. Look at it this way; really it’s integral for HMCMB’s survival… If we all fail our exams and end up living on the streets, how will we afford the broadband connection to introduce the new music you need to satiate your unquenchable thirst for the latest and greatest? Exactly.

We will still be releasing our HMCMB Sessions. Recently we’ve launched new ones with our friends over at Half Crown and singer songwriter Craig McConkey, with more to come soon. We are also re-releasing some of our old favourites, in association with “Into by Windows Phone”. We hope that our lack of posting won’t make you hate us, and we look forward to reengaging with you after all this exam madness is over. Luckily though, our powers of procrastination will probably mean that the Facebook page (HERE) will continue to be filled with all manners of musical awesomeness. Awesomeness our straying minds might encounter when attempting to avoid studying phospholipase C activity,  so make sure you head there if the HMCMB withdrawal symptoms become to much to bear.

For now, here’s some of out latest acoustic sessions to watch whilst you mull over what you will do without us. See you in a month!

T, W, P & R