Five Top Tips For Isle Of Wight 2012!

Isle Of Wight Festival is the first real weekend festival of the year (in my eyes anyway) it throws you in at the deep end, but boy is it worth it. Their line ups bring the best of rock, but recently have also bought in the best of pop as well. This year they’ve got everyone from rock-icons Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam headlining the main stage to pop princesses Kelis and party boys Example and Professor Green scattered elsewhere.

Hey Man Check My Band have asked me to do a guest post for them covering the festival so I thought I’d give you a list of 5 things to check out if you’re going (or 5 things you’re going to kick yourself over for missing out on if you’re not so lucky):

  1. Music: You need to watch the headliners obviously, but you also need to catch Zulu Winter and Spector. They’re both playing the Main Stage on Sunday, right after each other as well, but are brilliant. Check out the video for Spector’s new song Celestine below.
  2. The great thing about IOW is there is a lot to do which isn’t just watching bands. Make sure you head over to the Ray Ban tent where you can chill out in their bar, and have a cocktail (or hide from the rain if the weather doesn’t hold out).
  3. Music: The Strongbow Stage. Almost a bit of a secret at the festival, it’s packed with the best dance music you’ll here. Rudimental are Djing at 10.30pm on Friday for example and they are bloody brilliant. You must have all heard ‘Feel The Love’ by now? If not – it’s here:
  4. Talking of secrets, here’s a little secret for you: do you like festivals? But hate not being able to shower? Well this year the #Carling Refresh Rooms are not only offering you their delicious beers til the early hours in the Strawberry Fields, they’re also letting people use their shower. So make sure you head over there when you can. More info about that here… Ps. You’ve got more chance of grabbing a shower if you tweet them at ‘#Carling @IsleOfWightFestival’ – just a little tip 😉
  5. Back to the reason we’re all going: partying. When the main stage closes, don’t go back to your tent and drink as there are a lot of things going on. One of my personal favorites from last year – Silent Disco King. If you’re unaware of what happens, you go into the Disco 2000 tent on Penny Lane, get given a pair of headphones and then chose to listen to channel 1 or channel 2. It’s basically a battle between DJ’s who know music better than their mothers. A must see at the event.

Anyway – that’s my top tips before going to the festival – I’ll do a post next week explaining how it went. If you’re there – gimme a tweet on @jordanjoice.

Cheers! Jx