We Went To Isle Of Wight Festival and It Was Great:

First off; everything you heard about The Isle of Wight Festival 2012 on the news was probably exaggerated. I know you were told that it was a mud bath, and that people were being taken from the Main Stage to The Big Top in canoes, but it really wasn’t that bad. There was even a point when I was watching the news from a pub (on site) and them describing the festival almost as apocalyptic – when the reason I was inside was because I had a sunburnt nose. Anyway, enough of that bollocks let’s talk about the music.

Friday is always a great, but hard day of a festival – you’re tired, but wanna party. I decided I’d camp this year, so most of the afternoon was trying to work out how to put A4 into G9 – but once the tent was up, and the sun was still shining, I thought I should go and check out some bands. Cider being my tipple of choice; I headed over to The Strongbow Tent and caught Monsta – a brilliant duo who DJ from memory sticks and lost their DJing virginity the week before to over 5000 people. Pretty impressive to say the least.

Check out their song Messiah here.

This set was followed by my tip of the weekend; Rudimental. They were just bloody brilliant. If you’re a fan, and haven’t heard the VIP mix of Feel The Love ft. John Newman – shame on you, now listen to it below.

Right next to the Strongbow Stage is the Carling Refresh Rooms; which in all honestly isn’t a drink I have all the time as I’m not that fond of beer. However, I stopped in as the place was buzzing and tried their new drink Carling Zest, which by the end of the weekend was sold out, and it was actually really nice. For anyone in the same boat – try it. I bought a few pints, and then headed over to the main stage to catch Tom Petty.

I didn’t really know who Tom Petty was. But his set was spot on amazing. Their stage presence was nothing short of spectacular. What they lack in pyrotechnics – they make up for in sing-a-long anthems, and general rockabilly looks. Like I said, I’d never heard of Tom Petty before, but by the end of the set – my friend Alex (a massive fan) was singing me the song one line prior so I could sing along. Simply spectacular.

Saturday was back to the Refresh Rooms as everyone knows the best way to get rid of a hangover is to drink 3 pints and then carry on. The other way to ease a hangover, which rarely is actually possible at a festival – is to have a shower. But thanks to Carling their bar has the option to “win a shower” which fortunately meant I could clean up and start the day.

After being ‘refreshed’ (I love a good pun) I went over to the Ray Ban tent. This experience was amazing for two reasons; firstly they offered people the ability to choose from an extremely extensive collection of records and the DJ would play them. I chose a Michael Jackson song as it was the same weekend the year before he tragically died.

In lighter news; the other reason it was amazing was because this man walked past me.


Saturday then finished with Pearl Jam playing – but I didn’t see them as I was in the Absolute Bar eating their food and drinking their vodka. I have a feeling in a few years, I’ll wish I had of turned around and watched it but oh well – that goats cheese roll was tasty.

I only have one thing to say about Sunday – apart from pretty much doing everything I said above – I then saw Bruce Springsteen who was spectacular. I could give you a really pretentious comparison like “he was the epitome of youthful rock, caged in the body of a man who should need a hip replacement” but that doesn’t really make sense and I think the easier thing would just be to ask you to watch this video.

Shit me, he knows how to rock. He then finished his set saying “I’m not going anywhere until I see fireworks”. Unfortunately for most; fireworks then came.  Out of 10, I’d give this weekend a solid 8 and I’ll be going back next year.