HMCMB Sessions :: Echotape

Good news; we’re back. Well, by we I mean I. Tom’s off on a jaunt around Europe, Pete’s disappeared up North, and Ruby is somewhere or another with a different dial tone. So, I’m afraid it’s just me holding fort at HMCMB for the meantime. It’s been a long hiatus, for the dull academic reasons previously discussed. To make up for our absence we thought we’d share another set of sessions with you. These are possibly the best looking yet.

We met Echotape just outside Brighton station. We jumped in their van (ignoring all prior caution about strangers and vans). We then headed round to a spot I described to them as “grim but cool”. Turned out it was even grimmer than I’d remembered. Setting up required some tactical re-arranging of empty beer cans and forestry, but at least there weren’t any needles… In a particularly tight moment we had to squeeze their pump organ between a metal fence and a clamped Range Rover. It was, however, more than worth it. The location proved to be perfect. The sun was shining. There was graffiti on the walls. And pump organs are seriously cool, especially this one, which was older than all of us put together. Oh, and the music is damn good too. Have a listen/watch below, and do the usual share and follow lark.