Nova Festival 2012 – Review

For many people in the world, Pulborough is a place many have never heard of – A place where the shops shut at 4pm, and the streets are dead by 6. But for me; it’s my local station which I commute to work from every day. So as you can imagine, it was definitely to my delight when I saw a press release come through the office for new music festival NOVA – with the local station to the site being the desolate dead end I mentioned above.

Set on the Bignor Hill estate (again, a place you probably haven’t heard of – but in a rather surreal way, when I was younger me and my friends would have bike rides through its woods) 2012 was its first year, but boy did it impress. From the brains behind The Big Chill festival, NOVA hasn’t got the rowdiness of a rock festival or the pretentiousness of anything East of London, it’s simply a laid back affair where I felt – music took a back seat, and instead culture was the fighting force. Almost incorporating the healing fields of Glastonbury, but fortunately leaving Muse at the door. Although at the same time – the sounds were not disappointing (the highly talented Ghostpoet headlined the 3 day affair), it was the little treasures you found hidden in the trees which made it worthwhile for me.

From the full blown sauna village, where for a reasonable £10 (if you’re willing to haggle – £20 if not) you can have a shower, sauna, and jacuzzi outside (which in the rain, which unfortunately was present, was actually quite satisfying) to the hidden cinema screens literally in bushes scattered around the place – showcasing some of the freshest talent around.

Nova is a small festival, with a young and naive feel at times, but it’s also potent with potential. So if you’re looking for a weekend of commercial sponsorship and song you’ve heard of Radio1 – I’d suggest going to V Festival next year, but if you’d prefer to be part of something new – which recreates the ‘festival bubble’ any festival goer longs to remember – and also see something mature from the start, then head to Bignor Park next summer – I know I will be.

Ghostpoet  -  Liines