Hoodie Allen – Hey Now

There are times when you just need a bit of Hoodie in your life. As far as feel good, free music goes, he’s still leading the way. We may be a little biased, having charted his rise since the early days of You Are Not A Robot. For now though we are happy to continue backing him, even if we haven’t yet fully digested his latest offering.

Said offering is Hey Now. The first thing to note is the change in producer. RJF and Hoodie have been an inseparable duo since the off, but production on this piece is handled by Something Silent. Has it changed Hoodie’s sound? It’s difficult to say conclusively. The track has a darker edge, there is more bass and electronica. But we’ve seen that before, with RJF on production. It’s a similar sound to NY Is Killing Me and Moon Bounce, admittedly those tracks divided opinion. However the reverb is not far removed from that found on the brilliant No Interruption, off the phenomenally successful All American EP.  All American was Hoodie’s first commercial release. It went huge. It was a beautiful moment. Now Hoodie want’s to “get back to releasing some free music for all (his) fans”, which sounds good to us.  The jury is still out on this EDM influenced piece, and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how Hoodie’s sound and lyricism is evolving, in the meantime we are happy to keep supporting the best rapper Google have ever produced…

Hoodie has also announced The Excellent Adventure Tour, in collaboration with G-Eazy. Eazy is another HMCMB favourite, we are still waiting on response to an interview we sent him back in March. The chance to see these guys perform together is a pretty special one. The fact that chance is only arising in the States  leaves us perhaps slightly bitter, that I missed the chance to see Hoodie when he played  London is definitely salt in the wound.  Apparently that was incredible, I’ve no doubt The Excellent Adventure will be too. If you’re lucky enough to be living stateside here are the tour dates: http://www.hoodieallen.com/