The Wolfnotes

You may, or just as easily may not have, realised that it’s been some while since HMCMB has been at full strength. Writer’s have been dipping in and out over the summer but the lure of summer’s drinking (sans good weather) and a needed break has kept us perpetually at half mast for what was seeming more and more like a permanent decline. Suffice to say that hopefully that’s now changed.

It would be easy and probably satisfyingly cathartic to bore you with the motives and reasons for the lull, but perhaps it would be better at this point to simulataneously offer our condolences and point you towards, fellow blog Tympanogram who have just lost a founding member who, to come back around to HMCMB’s plight, has surmised in a refreshingly honest way sentiments for leaving that I feel we echoed here at HMCMB this summer.

What did it take then for that to change? Rather poetically, it took some great music. The music at hand comes from the recently renamed Wolfnotes. Formerly Kurran and The Wolfnotes – an act who have marched through our pages a fair amount back in 2010. With seemingly renewed vigour they’ve set out on a new path. In a brave gamble they’ve left both the stresses and security of a record label for a new Pledge campaign towards their debut album. The icing of the cake for which is the  8 track ‘Static Bleed’ EP that comes as a part of pledging, in preparation for their new album that is to be released in November. So for your £8, you can receive a more or less unreleased back catalogue of brilliant tracks, as well as the knowledge you will get a whole album full too, later this year. That’s a deal.

With little knowledge of what their debut album other than it will include their all too brilliant ‘Your Four Limbs’, it may be safer to stick to reviewing what’s at hand, the ‘free’ EP. The EP takes a revitalised looked at the now stripped back 3 piece. All the tracks have been given an Americana twist that keeps you on your toes. It works well for the most part and is juxtaposed well with the lead, Kurran, and his ominous vocals. On ‘Static Bleed’ and ‘Here To Fill You In’ in particular you can really see how this new slant will work well for the band. Unfortunately it’s a bit less clear on the re-recorded versions of Whatabitch and Hit The Bottle, upon which the lack of a distinct 5 piece and the added depth of which we expected from the former Kurran and The Wolfnotes leaves the new versions sounding hollowed out.

Having acknowledged that though, and still considering the overall quality of an EP worth your money, the EP suggests good things for the Wolfnotes and their debut album. The strength of the acts songwriting and execution with a renewed American edge is an exciting prospect. One that got me back to writing things for HMCMB. I hope you too can be inspired by the Wolfnotes, or at the very least enjoy their totally renewed enthusiasm and talents.

If you do, head over to their Pledge site and throw your money at them at:

In the mean time, check out the eponymous track off the ‘Static Bleed’ EP below.

Static Bleed  –  The Wolfnotes