We’re off to Bestival!

So as you may know, today is the first day of Bestival!  A day upon which thousands of costume wearing, music loving boys and girls  descend upon the Isle Of Wight for a 4 day carnival.

We were lucky enough to be able to go this year, and so to make you guys jealous, and highlight some great music. From the class and legacy of Stevie Wonder through the rude brash and brilliant Azealia Banks to the tactful, subtle and immensely talented Daughter, there’s really someone here for everyone. We actually shared our five artists we’d like to see on the Hype Machine some days ago, but you can check out our interactive shortlist put together for the Hype Machine on the next link:


If you’re hankering to check out the acts, remember that Bestival’s also to be the first UK Festival to be streamed live through YouTube. And If that’s not enough, though it probably is, there’s also the Bestival Radio Station that will be going, full of intimate sessions with some of the best artists to grace the Isle Of Wight in that 4 days. We aren’t sure if we’re allowed to share exactly who will be on, but trust us, really really worth it.

And for us then, that’s it for a bit, expect a full, fleshed out review upon our return. All we can offer you is a few recommendations if you too will be gracing the IOW’s kookiest festival in the next 4 days. If so, please say hi, i’ll be the short guy in the rubbish lion costume looking a bit worse for wear. See you in a few days!