Dog Is Dead – All Our Favourite Stories: “Buy It Or Die”

Dog Is Dead are great. We have been following them for a couple of years now, and had the chance to meet them at In The Woods this year. Turns out they not only make quality music but they’re also good guys, always a top combination.

We first featured them when we heard Glockenspiel Song in August 2010 and were hooked immediately. Since then we’ve somehow conspired to miss most of their Brighton dates, but did manage to catch them at Sticky Mikes last November. It’s been great to see them rise to prominence in the mainstream conciousness. Having garnered well earned, and now frequent, plays on Radio 1 they are gearing up for the release of All Our Favourite Stories. It’s their debut album, and released on the 8th October. As if you needed any non-musical incentive to buy it; they said the choice was “buy it or die”.  Turns out morbidity doesn’t just feature in the band name.

We caught up with them backstage at In The Woods festival. They had just finished what looked like another slightly dull, formulaic video interview. We hoped ours would be slightly more entertaining. It featured such probing gems as; “Would you rather only be able to eat mashed potato, or only drink red top milk?”  Turns out they’re more foodies than drinkers, as they plugged for the milk option. Although, Joss wasn’t too impressed by the resulting lack of inebriation, to which Trev offered a cunning alternative…

We did also manage to ask some proper questions. They felt that In The Woods was a really cool festival (as did we), having enjoyed it’s relaxed friendly atmosphere, and the intimacy that comes with it. They were a bit gutted about the prospect of having to dash off straight after their set. Leeds and Reading had been their chance to chill and savour the festival experience, and “there’s nothing quite like playing in front of a big festival crowd”. They are almost as excited as us about the album release. Rob said it was quite a bi-polar record: “I wrote the songs as I grew up, some were written at 17, others at 21. They chart that experience, both the highs and the lows. There’s also that change of perspective you get as you grow up. Coming back to some of the older tracks and working on them again was really fascinating; I wrote them to be performed live, and it was interesting to see how they stitch together to make a coherent record.”  This was all a bit serious for Paul, who chipped in with something or another in a mock Irish accent, whilst Trev was chiming on about Hot Chocolate (band not drink).

The band grew up together. They have gigged since they were 13, prompting stories of being thrown out of a venue they’d just played in. To counter this blatant ageism they set up residency in the Nottingham Robin Hood museum, seems it paid off. They are back on the road with the release of All Our Favourite Stories, but there’s no Nottingham date? “Wait and see, it’s a mystery”. They enjoyed being at school together, “no-one died” – again with the morbidity. And the camaraderie is still going strong, as evidenced by their recollection of Rob’s 20th Birthday. “It’s actually where P. Diddy filmed Bad Boys For Life.” “Yeah, it was bad when he started hitting golf balls off the roof” “Ben was not happy was he?” “Na, he’d been living across the road from Rob for a fair while actually”. Seems legit. The phenomenal time warp that means that all happened a year ago is a given. Elvis might of died there too, “a fat old man on the loo” as Trev recalls. Thanks boys.

All Our Favourite Stories can be pre-ordered here (with t-shirt) or here (with wristband) or here (signed) or on iTunes. If you want to survive to see what 2013 has to hold you ought to buy it,  clearly the  t-shirt option is the best bet. On a serious note, if their live performance was anything to go by, it’s going to be a great record. Talk Through The Night was best of the newbies (video below). Glockenspiel Song was as epic as ever, although that ‘we are failures’ lyric is looking pretty inaccurate these days.