Some people call us “Wicker Glam”: Meet Stealing Sheep

To cling onto that end of the summer festival feeling, a few weeks ago at ‘In The Woods’ we met Stealing Sheep. These pagan songstresses were headlining the second stage and are pitted for huge things, also, they are really bloody nice.

Their sound mused perfectly with the setting of the woodland fest, the girls thought the atmosphere was “beautiful, creative and thought out, like a lovely little garden party”.  So a further well done to ‘In The Woods’ from us.

If you have never come across these guys before, think a seriously cool and lovely version of Macbeth’s Witches, Stealing Sheep describe themselves as “three girls, all playing our own instruments, all quite psychedelic”. There is a lot of synth and Emily plays the “whamming pitch shifty guitar”. Chorusing what they describe as“squashy” three part harmonies and a hauntingly pagan sound (known informally as ‘doom pop’). Sounds pretty epic, right?

We asked them what the highlights of their summer were so far? The list began with the non stop festivals and tour round Europe, when keyboardist Rebecca Hawley interjected:“We were on Woman’s Hour!” The band mused:“Perhaps..our finest hour, radio bliss. There was Jenny Murray asking us lovely questions, and she was the tits”. Everyone considered carefully whether ‘the tits’ was an offensive term to define the presenter of Woman’s Hour and after deciding on an emphatic yes, we discussed their other highlights including:“This mad gig in Switzerland, in a bizarre sort of home made venue, we played everything that we had got and then wanted to play it again”.

Based in Liverpool, they describe the Scouse scene as“interesting, weird, amazing and just really individual” and have been together for two years, from which point it’s just been“go, go, go. We basically started with a two week tour, wrote a set and then went immediately out with it.” Well, it seems to have worked because the girls have produced an excellent debut album with ‘Into The Diamond Sun’ which is out now. Look out for ‘Shut Eye’, it’s a pagan anthem, delicate yet thumping brilliant.

Alt-J are big fans and you should be too. Didn’t ever envisage I would ever be saying this, but I think everyone needs a little bit of harmonised, gypsy electronica in their lives. Have a listen, pagan out.