We could start talking about Casablanca by describing how they are all really young, or that they are full of promise, but we shan’t for two reasons. Firstly, as a ‘young blog’ ourselves it would take hypocrisy to a whole new level to continue this trend and belittle their work. Secondly, they aren’t nearly as young as people keep saying. We get it, it’s novel, again to draw from our own experience, it can certainly work to your advantage, but it can also become an encompassing part of your own, or your band’s character. And as corny as it sounds, Casablanca don’t deserve that. What’s more, with the likes of Mahalia blowing us away aged 13, or Zuckerberg making millions before his 21st, whilst we can understand how everyone’s latched onto the idea that these guys are all impressive and brilliant at 17, given that some of them are 19, the same age that the likes of Adele released their debut, not only is their age no where near as young as people keep saying, but it’s wholly inaccurate too! Simply, Casablanca are a band first, young second.

We do unfortunately want to sustain this age related train of thought for a moment though so  we could also mention that the rather cooly named Casablanca have actually been on the circuit far longer than you might expect, previously under the distinctly less cool pseudonym ‘Lo Fi Culture Scene’ and even managed to gig with the likes of Mumm Ra, Bloc Party and The Foals when they were only in year 8. That means they were about 13. Not only is that seriously cool, but only goes further to show that with these guys, age really was just a number.

Musically Casablanca seem to tick just about every box on the London alt/indie scene check list. Think Cajun Dance Party or the Mystery Jets with a bit more attitude and a similarly floppy haired lead singer. Casablanca thoroughly deserves those comparisons too, their new single ‘Yes’ bounces along with a tropical bob whilst scorching guitars and the confident, borderline nonchalant delivery of vocalist Jacob Wheldon does it’s best job to convince you that not only are these guys good, they’re not even trying that hard. An alluring combination. B-Side Natalie does it’s better to maintain this level of delivery. Bits and bobs change and there’s a lingering retro undertones that keep it all ticking over nicely. If it weren’t for the triviality of the songs theme, a desire to escape to New York with the songs eponymous beau. We got enough of that from the Wombats

Nonetheless, Casablanca are an intriguing and obviously talented band. A band that also happens to not be that old, but you know what? With music of this quality that doesn’t count for a thing. Keep an eye on Casablanca, anything could happen.