MRI scanners are incredible aren’t they? A technology made possible today by advances made by NASA in order to better study the surface of the moon, in the self perpetuating global competition of the Cold War. This technology has now gone on to save hundreds of thousands of people through its application in medicine. I wonder what the American and Soviet scientists would think if they thought there work was now being used, to great effect, in art and music. Namely, in Cambridge raised songwriter Sivu’s incredible new song and video Better Man Than He.

Sivu’s beginnings as a call centre worker in south London are a wonderfully modest contrast to the epic origins of the MRI scanner. Yet both the musician and the machine share a similar connection between the experimental and the quintessentially human. Maybe that’s too grand a comparison, most likely it is, but before you write it off, allow yourself to be captivated by the stunning footage that makes up the video. If ever a more eery contrast between the wonder of human creativity, and the world of hard edged science has been made, I have yet to see it.

This is not a video blog though, and Sivu’s place on these page is wholly earned alone on his musical talent. His self confessed love for the left-field creations of Wild Beasts and Beck are clearly present in work. But then this isn’t a rehashing of their work. In the textures and sounds that Sivu weaves into well structured and memorable tracks, Sivu has found his own place alongside and not below those that inspire him. This isn’t a purely experimental escapade though, grand violins and stripped back guitar scatter both his available tracks, Better Man Than He and God Speaks In Tongues, whilst his overwhelmingly honest voice and range hold each track together masterfully.

Sivu may be new on the block, but with his latest singles produced by none other than Alt J’s producer cum wizard Charlie Andrew, and having been picked up by Radiohead’s management team, this call centre working musical virtuoso is not likely to stay unknown for long. Nor should he.